This 6-3 start and what it means…

Well, you don’t need me to tell you what this start means…if you do, then I’ll try not to lead you astray.

Or, you can go here to the Kings of Kauffman for one opinion.

Starting Pitching: Hit or miss…but damage has been limited. No blow outs.

Relief Corps: Outside of the Rookies, we haven’t been impressive. Soria is mostly himself, Tejada is a bit off his game.

Starting Lineup: Getz is playing well though many believe he won’t sustain it. Aviles is on the bench and needs to stop stepping towards 3rd base on the weight shift forward. Alex Gordon is showing less suckage than games past. So far, Melky and Francoeur haven’t been bad, and Kila is slow starting. Treanor is looking like everything Kendall was supposed to be but cheaper.

Where to go from here: Well, I am waiting for the day when the young and impressive bullpen to hit a slump (it’s going to happen, but I think they can work their way through it). When that happens, we’ll start to see more the of the same ol’ Royals…minus a few problems. Overall defense has been great…and should be better than years past, but as the season goes on and the bats quiet down, I think more errors will come out.

I have been enjoying the games so far, and like many before me have said, just enjoy it! These are the times when we can forget how dreadful our recent history has been…and live temporarily what is to come in seasons ahead.


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Morning Meteorologist for News Press 3 Now and big Royals fan...just trying my hand at blogging about my favorite baseball team.
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2 Responses to This 6-3 start and what it means…

  1. Hooligan says:

    This is an entirely different situation than what we’ve seen in years past.

    * Gone is the over-the-hill veteran with a bad attitude who was poison in the clubhouse, replaced by a younger guy with a great attitude and some upside potential.
    * Gone is the manager with no big league experience and strange ideas, replaced by a veteran with experience turning a group of young guys into a winning team.
    * Gone (mostly, except for the catcher position) are the ‘has been and never-will-be’ position players brought in to take up space, replaced by guys who have the potential to contribute for several years.
    * Gone is the horrific defense of the past, replaced by competent players throughout the field, allowing pitchers to pitch with more confidence and not spend all their time worrying that a mistake will turn the game.

    The 2011 Royals have improved their base running, their defense and the bullpen. The team led the AL in batting average for most of the season last year; if they can come close to that performance and be more aggressive on the base paths the offensive improvement should be exciting.

    Attitude appears to be different this year. During ST several of the players commented “we’re going to surprise some people”. So far, so good.

    Are these guys capable of contending? Not likely. Are they more interesting and entertaining than Royals teams of the recent past? For sure.

    • jmgesling says:

      Good points. I agree that this team is more exciting to watch. Granted, the key to sustained excitement and competitive will be the young kids we got…not the couple of vets we have that are still place holders. I hope that this team stays competitive and stays exciting…but like many folks are saying, 6 games does not a season make. Cheers to good fortune!

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